VALPLAST: an enterprise that wants to resuscitate plastic waste in Haiti

Updated: Apr 1

In order to contribute to the protection of the ecosystem, VALPLAST's main mission is to participate in reducing the flow of plastic waste, especially that scattered all over the streets of the capital of Haiti. This environmental business project, which aims to recover waste, will first go through the collection of the latter and then their transformation into paving stones. It is coordinated by Nel-Ange SAINT-CYR, student in Agronomy (Planning and Environmental Protection option) at Quisqueya University.

From awareness to business plan

Nel-Ange was always concerned and dismayed by the heaps of garbage scattered here and there in the streets of Port-au-Prince which she frequented since her childhood. For a long time, the idea of ​​changing the game, of proving his citizenship was running through her head. During college, she developed a composting project with organic waste; this one was unfortunately failed.

But, having noticed the increasing level of plastic waste production in the nooks and crannies of the country on a daily basis, of their harmful effects on the environment and people's health, she knowingly chose not to change course. She is one of those who transform problems into opportunities. This occurred to her to collect this type of waste and transform it into paving stones.

The technique is very economical

VALPLAST or "Valorisation of Plastics" will manufacture paving stones from pollutants or waste collected and mixed with sand. The technique that will be used is very economical. This consists of replacing the paving cement with plastic waste of any type whose adhesive capacities are superior to cement. We will melt plastic waste in a container. The dough, once obtained, will be passed through a mold to produce the paving stones.

VALPLAST comforts the Haitian community

VALPLAST will not boast of recycling all waste. However, its materialization will allow a reduction of waste especially in Bon-Repos area where it will first be established. This will have a very considerable environmental importance. In addition to its desire to contribute to the sanitation of the streets, VALPLAST also intends to take part in the creation of employment for collectors of plastic waste in particular.

The paving stones that will be obtained will be more resistant and at a very affordable price. They can be used in road construction, in gardens, courtyards, parking lots. In the future, it hopes to embark on the management of foam considered as a major environmental polluter.

In the wings...

Nel-Ange is accompanied by six (6) other young people who have the skills necessary to bring VALPLAST to a successful conclusion. They have done or are studying : Planning and Environmental Protection, Civil Engineering, Circular Economy, Medicine, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Administration and Project Management, and Business Relations. VALPLAST is now in the incubation phase. Team members benefit from training in the Alpha Incubator.

Despite the unavailability of certain data and the financial difficulties encountered, the team is working hard believing in the realization of VALPLAST. They will launch it in April 2020.

Nel-Ange SAINT CYR, CEO and founder of VALPLAST

To young entrepreneurs

“It's difficult, but always be motivated. In case of discouragement, think about why you thought beforehand to take the initiative or create your business ... ", this is the advice of Nel-Ange SAINT CYR, CEO and founder of VALPLAST to young entrepreneurs.

To environmentalists

VALPLAST is a sustainable environmental enterprise. It aims to reduce plastic waste and its negative impact on the environment. Its slogan «Recycle today, recycle all days» can testify to this.

Anyone who cares about protecting the environment can help VALPLAST in the collection of plastic waste and the manufacture of construction paving stones.

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