Top Corner, for quality cuisine at an affordable price in Haiti

With the creation of Top Corner on February 10, 2017, a breath of fresh air was blowing on the landscape of Haitian restaurants. Three years later, this establishment has become like one of the best in the country. In addition to a rich and varied menu, its reputation is built around a quality-price binomial, hitherto hard to find in this area in Haiti.

The idea of ​​launching Top Corner

Top Corner is the brainstorming of young people from Gonaïves who, at some point, noticed a glaring lack of quality consumption space suitable for those who do not have large financial means in Haiti. On the one hand, the best posh restaurants are difficult to afford for them. On the other hand, there are the cheaper ones that offer low-end service. That said, this group of friends has decided to propose an alternative in order to fill the gaps observed in these two categories of restaurant mentioned.

After combining all the necessary human and material resources, these young people in question created Top Corner, a corner of delights located in Delmas 33, in front of Saint-Louis de Gonzague institution. The philosophy of the company is the importance attributed to the well-being of the client: friendly space, affordable price, very welcoming ...

An authentic reference

C3 Editions, MSPP / PNCM, MSPP / DSO, CEP… Several prestigious institutions in Haiti have already been satisfied by the catering service offered by Top Corner. In addition, this restaurant is the ideal choice for fans of local cuisine since it offers, over the week, a host of traditional Haitian dishes, such as Lalo, Soup "Joumou", Fish smoked, "Pate Kòde”, among others.

Opt for a non-toxic kitchen!

By choosing Top Corner, you set your sights on a hygienic and clean space which, in addition, cares about the health of its customers by practicing non-toxic cuisine. In fact, during its three years of existence, the restaurant has never made use of chemical cubes in search of any taste provided by artificial additives. "At Top Corner, all of our dishes are made from natural spices. It’s an expensive choice, but we’re doing it for the benefit of our customers,” said one manager. A rational choice, since it turns out that chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, etc.) are favored by the absence of healthy consumption.

For the quality of its services, Top Corner has experienced positive growth since it was launched. The main wish of the team behind this initiative is that it will continue to exist in the coming years by moving to other parts of the country. And this, by sticking to its fundamental principle: "Foster access to #quality catering at medium prices."

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