ORHA, a brand new quality honey production business in Haiti

Updated: Apr 1

ORHA (Or d'Haïti) is a business specializing in the production of honey in Haiti. Its mission is to obtain the production of quality honey in Haiti and to promote the consumption of honey across the country. It is headed by Schebna SINCÈRE who studied Agronomy (specialization in Natural Resources and Environment).

ORHA creation episodes

Schebna S. has been very passionate about entrepreneurship from a very young age. Aware of the unemployment rate in Haiti which continues to increase and which affects especially young people, she tells herself that if she does not find work after her studies, she would get her own work and create also for others. In fact, from the first year at university, she started laying the foundation by saving money that her parents sent her during the 5 years that she spent at university.

The business idea was going to come from the beekeeping course she took in her last year at university. She was fascinated by bees. This prompted her to do additional research to better understand the functioning of a hive. In addition, she saw in this area a business opportunity when her practical work teacher told her that he could not meet the demand of his customers as the supply was lower than the demand because there are only a few beekeepers who produce quality honey. As a result, she told herself that she should have invested in beekeeping where demand is not lacking and because it had a positive environmental impact. Schebna wants everything she does to be sustainable. In this sense, her project meets objectives 1, 8, 12, 13, 15 of sustainable development.

She has developed her business plan, which is one of the 25 business plans that have been selected by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie as part of the establishment of the Solidarity Network for Business Creation. After many hesitations because of the current socio-economic context of Haiti, she bought equipments with the capital saved during her 5 years at the university and with the support of her family, she installed her apiary of three hives on February 1st, 2020 in Camp-Perrin, her native area.

In addition to the production and sale of honey and its by-products, ORHA intends to supervise beekeepers, help them sell their products and also offer a free course in botany and environmental protection through beekeeping.

Very confident, Schebna would like to benefit from the MEnvesti financing program so that ORHA business can be equipped with more materials and thus increase its production capacity. It would like to offer quality honey, rare as its name suggests and above all accessible as evidenced by its slogan: "ORHA, honey within your reach". She dreams of seeing her business grow, contribute to community development, establish itself on the local and international markets by its quality and that it can allow her to meet her needs and those of her family.

Thoughts from the CEO

Schebna admits that she will be very grateful to all those who will help her work for the good of her community through ORHA. "If you decide to invest in my project, I assure you that the benefit will not only be for me. But it will also be for the community. You will help me accomplish something I truly believe in. You will also help a community to grow and develop because this project concerns me not only as an entrepreneur but also other people at the level of my community. You will have contributed so that other people can find a job, have an income that can allow them to support themselves. "

She advises anyone who wants to do something extraordinary to stay motivated, to put their passion at their service, and that of their community. According to her, you should not wait for the approval of others to start materializing your idea. Also, we must not be discouraged by the frustrating situation of the country. She believes the bottom line is to start as small as it gets, and then we will notice that we meet partners along the road.

Given the dynamism of the CEO who is satisfied despite the financial difficulties encountered, ORHA has a future full of expectations.

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