LAKOU 17: a Haitian grocery business that works for the community of Silo

Updated: Apr 5

Being at home, you can have access to essentials for cooking and other aspects of daily life thanks to LAKOU 17. It is a pilot business project which consists in providing, exclusively to households living in Silo zone (Delmas 33) and neighboring ones, spices and also basic necessities.

Community interest at the center ...

It all started in a Silo residence numbered 17, very busy at a certain time by a large number of young people in particular. Hence the name "Lakou 17". It was for them a meeting place to exchange, share knowledge. Since 2007, they acted for the interest of the community to which they belong. They volunteered to help parents with the opening of classes, to supervise the children, to give them lessons.

They later found that due to a lack of road infrastructure, there was a paralysis of activities at the area level and that, therefore, people were rather forced to go outside to bring provisions. This prompted them to set up a grocery store in their residence to make it easier for these people so that they can find, at an affordable and rapid price, the basic necessities including: treated water, food products and then cosmetic products, alcoholic. Soon, "propane gas" will be on the list.

It also provides delivery services to its customers so they don't have to worry. Remotely, customers can place their order and pay via Mon Cash. This is how the LAKOU 17 grocery store was born in June 2018, during an episode from the “Pays Lock” period.

The grocery store cannot serve several zones at the same time. Only the households of Silo and surrounding areas including Place Cazeau, Vivi Mitchell, a large part of Puits-Blain and Delmas 75 are concerned. Hence its slogan, "LAKOU 17, episri zòn nan".

According to the director, which makes the team satisfied, "it is the customers who thank us and admit that we should have thought about it, a long time ago".

The team and its expectations

Currently, the enterprise is made up of four members: a receptionist who takes care of orders, a handler, a delivery person and the administrative director and responsible for Logistics who is Gardy Darius.

Despite the financial difficulties, LAKOU 17 believes it can become a reference in the area by contributing more to its development, to the well-being of the residents. For this purpose, LAKOU 17’s team hopes to benefit from Menvesti’s program.

The grand opening of the premises will take place in June 2020. From now on, people from the aforementioned areas can drop by to place their orders, take supplies or other services. Otherwise, they can contact LAKOU 17 directly on +509 3604 3525.

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