JUICY FRUITS promotes healthy eating in Haiti

Updated: May 11

We can eat in different ways. But, for healthy eating and to lose weight without worry, JUICY FRUITS is the reference. It is an enterprise specializing in fruit processing that offers products and services for dietetic, diabetic and hypertensive people. Its main objective is to improve people's lives through healthy eating. Guindo Jean Emile is its manager.

Launched in October 2017, JUICY FRUITS was initiated by its manager who has always had a fondness for healthy eating. Guindo Jean Emile was won over by a fruit dish that his mother had prepared for him during one morning. He realized how important fruits are in food and that everyone should include them in their daily meals as advised by nutritionists. It led him to allow people to become aware of it and consume it. Thanks to the dishes and fruit juices that the enterprise prepares, people suffering from obesity can lose weight healthily and quickly. JUICY FRUITS takes part in various activities where it exhibits its products. After ordering, it makes the delivery (free for the metropolitan area). You can opt for a subscription to benefit from more advantages.

The products

The business prepares products such as: Fruit salad of various compositions, Natural fruit and vegetable juices (orange, lemon, grenadia, carrot, mango, pineapple, tamarind, cherry). The dishes are presented in packages bearing the business brand. The juices (concentrated, sugar-free and additive-free) are put in 3.78 liter gallons. Here is a catalog of products with their prices:

Not just marketing!

JUICY FRUITS does not only sell dishes or fruit juices. Fruit dishes are at least 70% made of local fruits; so, it promotes local consumption and contributes to the development of the Haitian economy. Its slogan says "Eating JUICY FRUITS is eating healthier. " then its manager argues: "The healthier a person eats, the healthier he will be". So, the enterprise cares about people's health and well-being. This is why it spreads awareness messages on the benefits of fruit on its Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp accounts through its "Beneficial Thursday" section. It participates in the recycling (of the peel) of the fruits via compost.

A strong team with a firm intention

Guindo Jean Emile, a leader and very active in social life, brought together six other young, competent and experienced people to run the business. Some are in administration and others in processing or delivery.

In addition to the qualifier "perishable" fruit, they have sometimes found it difficult to find sources of funding and local fruit a few times. But, they were able to cleverly get around these obstacles. Their satisfied customers make them proud and thus encourage them to exteriorize a little more their intention to meet the increased demand for the enterprise's products and services in areas outside of Port-au-Prince and outside.

Guindo Jean Emile, manager of JUICY FRUITS

To Young entrepreneurs and Investors

The manager advises young entrepreneurs to let themselves be guided by their passion and to persevere despite difficult times.

Eager to expand his business and allow more people to eat healthy, he addresses his potential investors and partners: "JUICY FRUITS wants to change people's lives through its products and services. Investing in the business means securing your money and above all increasing returns. The more we help others, the more we help ourselves. "

For contact and order

JUICY FRUITS can be reached on +509 4610 77 75. It is located on the Autoroute de Kenscoff, in Laboule 17 at number 180 but at several points of sale: 33, Rue Rigaud, Petion-ville and 4, Thomassin 50 (Midolynn Bar).

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