JOKENBO ENR Pasta: the real delight, the best choice

Jodel Stanley SAINT-LOUIS, civil engineer and lawyer, is the CEO of JOKENBO ENR. It is a small business that has been claiming its place, since November 2017, in the world of pastry and specifically in the production of «Pate Kòde», Meatballs and Chocolate Pasta, especially in Gonaives city.


JOKENBO ENR was born

The name comes from a combination of the first syllable of the first names of the brothers Jodel, Kensley and of Boby: the nickname of Josué. If since 2008, JOKENBO was their family credo, from September 2017, it became JOKENBO ENR: an enterprise name. Now, they are accompanied by a pastry chef and their big agronomist brother Frantz Jean-Murat SAINT-LOUIS specialized in Food Science and Technology and who is in charge of the Products Quality Control.

The brothers found that it was difficult for people to find something for lunch or snack that was very appetizing, energetic and prepared in good conditions and above all at a very affordable price. This situation prompted Jodel to go to college with pastas he made at home. This attracted the students who subsequently did not hesitate to place orders.

JOKENBO ENR started with the production of “Pate Kòde” and “Meatballs”. Most recently, in February 2020, it added “Chocolate Pasta” to the list. The pastas are the main products of the enterprise.

JOKENBO ENR prepares and makes delivery

JOKENBO ENR prepares pastas on order and then delivers them to customers, in their schools or universities or at their offices, in Gonaives or in Port-au-Prince. This allows them not to risk too much and gives them enough time for a better organization to better satisfy their customers. The pastas are presented in various forms and prepared according to the client's instructions. Their price can vary between 50 and 100 Gourdes. Meatballs price is set at 75 Gourdes for three (3) units.

JOKENBO ENR, its customers and its prospects

With the slogan "JOKENBO ENR, the real delight, the best choice", the enterprise is proud of its customers who show their satisfaction and who encourage them more to produce.

This encourages the enterprise to carry out its long-term project which consists in extending his services to fast food accessible to all and for all occasions (breakfast, meetings, conferences, seminars, parties, etc.). In fact, in a unique and attractive space, it wants to make other inexpensive flour products available to people.

In the meantime, JOKENBO ENR is ensuring that the pastas are now presented in packaging bearing the enterprise brand.

Greetings from the CEO


The young entrepreneur Jodel S. SAINT-LOUIS hopes to benefit from the MEnvesti program which could allow JOKENBO ENR to take a big leap. He encourages young entrepreneurs to stay stronger so that they can realize their dreams, not to look for pretexts so as not to seize the opportunities that can above all allow them to contribute to the emancipation of their community.

To contact and order

To place orders, please contact JOKENBO ENR on +509 31 29 05 18 / + 509 33 32 33 95 or via email or simply via its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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