Cocktail de Lilie, a local cocktail by a young Haitian entrepreneur 

Camberlie Pierre-Charles, a young entrepreneur and management student, is the owner of Cocktail de Lilie, a small business specialized in sales and the preparation of Haitian Cocktails. Very active in the social networks, Cocktail de Lilie has gradually created a place in the consumption of Haitians. We find it usually in cultural and social activities both in the capital and in Gonaïves.

Officially launched in May 2017, at a fair in Gonaïves, Cocktail de Lilie is a mixture of alcohol and fruit from local products only. With a specialized packaging and an impeccable customer service, Camberlie Pierre Charles bets on everything to present a quality product intended for consumption.

How it all started

Supported by her little sister, Camberlie began by serving punches made from “Quénèpe” to the students of a school in Artibonite. Thereafter, customer requests began to multiply. Which drove Camberlie to the next level. The cocktail will, therefore, bear the name of a nickname that a friend used to give him.

Very present in various events, Cocktail de Lilie attracted a good number of people and a loyal clientele. The main concern of these customers is that they could not go home with the cocktail in question, they should consume it on the spot. Camberlie, therefore, understood the necessity of bottling the drink. But she had already thought with some specialized cups and stickers to stand out from other cocktails. Now, Cocktail de Lilie is available in small bottles to order. And even in gallons, for large receptions and birthdays.

Preparation and sales

The fruits for the cocktail are bought by his mother living in Ennery, his hometown. Then Camberlie, who also studied tourism management, takes care of the preparation. Cocktail de Lilie is 100% local. With specialized packaging, the product is well presented. Regarding distribution, unfortunately, Cocktail De Lilie does not yet have a point of sale. But, there are meeting points in Turgeau, Lalue and Delmas 31 or 33. The customer receives his bottle generally in a bag identified as "Cocktail de Lilie".

To get through these different stages in the business, Camberlie had to make an intelligent choice. That of using social networks wisely. Very accessible, Cocktail de Lilie can be reached on Facebook, Instagram , and Twitter . Camberlie, a real touch to everything, manages his small community of followers by keeping them informed of the latest Cocktail news. With good photos taken, the marketing plan works very well on social networks for Cocktail de Lilie. The various partnerships also give it good visibility on the web and strengthen its reputation with customers.

Cocktail de Lilie, in less than 3 years, has carved out a special place in the Haitian commercial industry. The young entrepreneur, between her studies and her job, still finds time to devote to her business, which is in full flight. For orders, you can reach her directly on social networks or contact her at the following numbers: +509 33 95 90 56 / +509 48 18 31 63.

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