BAZILIK AYITI, a new vision for the Haitian Music Industry (HMI)

Focusing on two specific sectors, music and production, Bazilik Ayiti is a business project that aims to revolutionize the lives of Haitian artists. The idea is to better structure the Haitian music market by using technology, which will allow artists to make a living from their talent. This ambitious project is the fruit of a group of young Haitian professionals whose initiator is Ulysse Winifred, a young economist.

After noticing that for some time now, Haitian music has been going around in circles, without much evolution, young professionals and especially music lovers have found it necessary to change the situation. To propose something new. The problem of the emergence of new talent in Haitian music is visible. Always the same heads at the front of the stage. The market is becoming saturated and static. This leaves no choice for artists who want to go for it to take the easy way out. As a result, the market needs to be questioned. This is where BAZILIK AYITI plans to act.

The revolution... Basilic, is this plant known for its aromatic and vegetal virtues. The initiators chose this name to show Haitians that young people have something exploitable and refined to offer. With original and different content, this new production platform wants to bet on something new. Firstly, by proposing a radical change in musical production and effective and legal means of remunerating artists. From A to Z, BAZILIK AYITI expects to address the whole problem of music production, consumption and distribution in Haiti and internationally. Three major axes for the project... Composed for the most part of young professional economists, administrators, entrepreneurs, BAZILIK AYITI chooses to distribute the project carefully. On the one hand, the management for the administrative files (financial manager, promotion and marketing). And on the other hand, artistic production. This last field is based on three main axes:

-BAZILIK IMAJ, a structure responsible for the management of the artist’s br

and image both on social networks and on media.

-BAZILIK MIZIK, an independent label offering formal contracts with various artists. It will be in charge of their musical production and distribution. This structure is already starting to recruit young artists with the potential to put them in the spotlight. -BAZILIK SESSION, an event that will be broadcasted on Youtube with live performances. Inspired by big international shows, this entity will be there to better sell the artists from the label while allowing them to explore a new dimension of their talent. BAZILIK AYITI plans to accompany artists at all possible levels. It is a whole production that will take care of the artist's musical career. BAZILIK MIZIK has already signed young talents and has in its repertory more than 5 pieces of music. The big launch is planned for March 2020.

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